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Pregnant Women And New Mothers Are More Likely To Attempt Suicide

According to a study published online about General Hospital Psychiatry, it shows that women who are at risk of suicide may be easier identify. It shows that a vast majority of women who commit suicide are pregnant women, new mothers or women who are having conflicts with their intimate partners.

According to Dr. Katherine J. Gold, an assistant professor of family medicine at the University of Michigan school, states that they now have a more complete picture of who these women as well as the possible causes that led to these tragic events. It is very important for health care professionals to be able to avoid such deaths because it also ripple through families and communities and cause a lot of sorrow and devastation.

Researchers also observed that most of these women who committed suicide are already suffering from mental health disorders and the largest percentage that covers such is mood disorder, which affected 95 percent of women and almost half were known to already being in a depressed mood before suicide.

Another thing that the researchers observed was that postnatal women seemed to have a higher tendency of being identified with a depressive mood compared to other women.

There are also certain factors that contribute to suicide among pregnant women aside from mental health diagnosis. Other factors that were observed to contribute to such findings were alcohol or substance abuse and those who already tried committing suicide before.

Although the research has some inherent data limitations, as their sample of 2,083 suicides among women between aged 15-54 years only included data from 17 dates, the result of their research somewhat helped in figuring out the causes of suicide among women. Also, with the recommendation they have suggested, it is more likely to intervene with women who are experiencing such difficulty as well as to avoid the risk of tragic events.

As families, loved ones or close friends of many women, we should always be able to check up on them. It does not necessarily mean that you

have to talk to them every time but a few messages of comfort would be very nice. Pregnancy is a very tough job to do and after birthing does not make it any less difficult. So as human beings with good intentions, let US comfort women in any way that we could possibly know how.